All Skips and Compactors Ltd containers are manufactured from the highest quality materials using our own designs.


Our latest range of body shells are all constructed using specially folded 5mm material for extra strength and durability.


Sizes start at 16 CU YD rising to 50 CU YD depending on the purpose. All containers can be built for hook, cable or multi-lift apparatus.


We also offer a complete bespoke design and build service where standard containers are not suitable for the job in hand.  More recently, 21ft curtain siders are becoming a popular bin to supply.


In addition to our range of standard heavy duty containers, we can also offer a range of special extra heavy duty models with reinforced side and base configurations and thicker top rails. This type of bin is particularly suited to the scrap metal industry and busy transfer stations.


Our fully enclosed 35 - 45 CU YD compaction containers are built with a tapered design to facilitate easier discharge. Pins, tubes and water resistant reinforced PVC covers are also supplied as standard.


All standard heavy duty and extra heavy duty containers are available with single or double rear doors, or tailgate, depending on your preference.


All available in a choice of colours.