Suitable for use on any eight wheel hook-lift vehicle. Your container vehicle of today could become a new Rear End Loader (REL) tomorrow with a Skips and Compactors Ltd ‘HookREL’ conversion.


HookREL gives you the opportunity to offer a REL service alongside your existing skip and container business at a price you can afford and without the expense of another, dedicated vehicle. For those companies already operating a REL service, HookREL can provide you with a reliable back-up in the event of a breakdown or heavy servicing schedules to your existing equipment. Maintenance and servicing costs are kept to a minimum by fully utilising the power unit and hydraulics of your exisitng vehicle.


Being a demountable unit, HookREL also allows the operator the flexibility to use the vehicle for other purposes. The HookREL has been designed for its simplicity and uses fewer moving parts than most existing REL units in use today. It’s simplicity also means that it is extremely robust and reliable.


Using a simple three lever operation, without the need for micro chip technology, the HookREL is capable of moving up to 140 CU YDs of waste per trip with nothing more to fail than a hydraulic hose.


At ground level the HookREL is handled the same way as any standard container. Discharge is by means of the vehicles existing tipping facility. The use of a gravity system as opposed to the more conventional ejection blade gives increased maximum payload.


Skips sizes from 6 to 14 CU YD can be lifted, tipped and compacted as with any other REL type unit.


Hydraulic power is made available to the unit by interrupting the vehicle’s existing circuit with a series of quick release hoses and couplings. The conversion to one vehicle is fully included in the cost of the HookREL unit. Both the tipping and compaction controls are operated via dead-man levers for safety and low maintenance.


The HookREL can also be equipped with an optional 1100 litre bin-lift attachment, ideal for refuse collection in a commercial environment.