When purchasing a Vertical Baler there is a wide variety of choice.  With the VB500 there are features that aren't found on any other baler.  There is a double push system allowing the waste to breath, then re-compact allowing more waste to be compacted per bale.  The Auto cycle allows the operator more freedom, with no levers to hold whilst operating.  Simply press the start button and walk away.


The VB500 Baler is specifically designed for recycling waste cardboard, cartons, newspaper and soft pastic film.


There is an indicator light which tells you when the machine has made a bale.  The indicator tells you the door is closed and gives you a pre-set time to operate the button.  The integrated Twin Channel Safety Relay coupled to a magnetic safety switch ensures that the machine cannot be operated with the door open.


The machine will only operate for the specific time required for the cycle, making the machine more energy efficient than the majority of other machines on the current market.


The machine is powered from a standard 32 amp 3 phase socket and does not start the motor at any time unless operating a function, a fault found with many other balers.


Specifications include:

  • 7.5kW (10HP) Electric Motor, 4 Pole, Three Phase, 240v AC, 50Hz, 15 Amps, IP54 Motor
  • High efficiency external gear pump
  • Cycle time Approx 24 seconds
  • Ram pressure upto 66,000lbs (30 tonnes), 30,000kg
  • 150mm Bore x 90mm Rod x 1210mm Cylinder
  • 125 Micron suction strainer.  EP32 grade hydraulic oil
  • Intelligent relay fully adjustable for all materials c/w regulated power supply to 24v dc Control
  • 415v AC 50Hz will connect to a standard 3 pin + E, 32 amp socket


  • Loading Door Opening - 600mm High x 1320mm Wide ( 23.62" x 51.96")
  • Loading Door Height - 1200mm (42")
  • Overall Height - 3600mm (141.73")
  • Overall Depth - 1085mm (42.71")
  • Overall Width - 2100mm (82.67")
  • Depth With Door Open - 2680mm (105.5")
  • Width With Door Open - 2400mm (94.48")
  • Shipping Weight - 2200kg Approx
  • dBa - 75
  • Bale Size - Approx 1520mm Wide x 770mm Deep x 1050mm High