MACFAB 650 Single Chamber Features:

  •   Bale weight output 650kg
  •   Large heavy duty machine in the range.
  •   Large loading aperture for easy loading of material into the baler.
  •   Ideal for large amounts of material: no need to flatten boxes before putting them into the baler.
  •   Fully automated bale ejector, simplifies the removal of the bale.
  •   Five wire tying for a more secure bale.
  •   Retainer claws to reduce spring back.


BALER DIMENSIONS                                            BALE DIMENSIONS

Height: 3.217 m                                                Height: 1.100 m

Width: 2.100m                                                  Width: 1.500 m

Depth: 1.524 m                                                 Depth: 1.100 m

Weight: 1930 kg                                                Weight: 650 kg (depending on material used)

Transportation Ht: 2.5 m                                   Cycle Times: 40 seconds


Power Supply: 400 Volt 3 phase                          LOADING APERTURE SIZES

Motor: 5.5 kW 16 Amp                                       Height: 0.883m

Pressing Force: up to 50 Ton                              Depth: 1.500 m

Noise Level: 74 decibels                                    Width: 1.100 m


As per drawing uploaded in the pictures, the baler dimensions are:


A          3.217m

B          2.100m

C          2.250m

D          3.109m

E          2.500m

F          0.961m

G          0.874m

H          1.492m


The refurbished examples of similar balers are selling for about £6000. Ours is in a very good fully working condition plus if you would like us to refurbish this baler it can be agreed at an extra cost.


Collection: From Burrell Way, Thetford, IP24 3RW, UK


Delivery: Can be arranged at a cost.  If you would like a delivery cost, please contact us for more information.


VAT to be added to invoice.


All Skips and Compactors Ltd products are built from high quality, graded materials with a number of unique safety features fitted as standard.


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