Mobile Compactors

"R" Pack, Skip Lift Portable & HOOKPAK

‘R’ Pack 12 CU YD Portable Waste Compactor


The main feature is its modulated hydraulic power unit which is driven by a single phase electric motor. The 3 + 10ltr hydraulic pump produces a working pressure of 2600 PSI which, combined with its 115mm telescopic RAM gives a compaction force of 9 tons and a compaction ratio of between 4:1 and 7:1.


Other features of the ‘R’ Pack include:

  • A safety push bar operating a rotary cam switch
  • Non-bolted, but lockable, front panel ensuring ease of access for maintenance and cleaning
  • Can be discharged conventionally with a standard 17 tonne skip loader or, by the preferred method, direct into a rear end loader vehicle such as the Marshall Cooke ‘HookRel’
  • The ‘R’ Packs are ideally suited to Supermarkets, Hotels, Holiday Parks and Hospitals where regular waste removal is of the utmost importance
  • Standard specification includes:
  • Three phase power option

14 CU YD Skip Lift Portable


A Portable Compactor is an integrated compactor and container which is loaded through double doors and is fitted with simple on/off push button controls.

  • The doors are safety interlocked to prevent running of the machine unless the doors have been properly closed
  • Once full, the complete unit is taken to the tipping site by a standard skip lift vehicle and discharged
  • The portable compactors are ideally suited to Supermarkets, Hotels and Hospitals where regular waste removal is of the utmost importance
  • Standard specification includes:
  • Single or three phase power option

HOOKPAK 32 Mobile


The British built Hookpak is specifically designed for reliability, safety and ease of operation. This is achieved by its robust albeit compact design, coupled with its well proven P.L.C. and tranducer control system.

  • Using twin hydraulic RAMs and a power wedge blade, maximum payloads are achieved with ease
  • Loading by hand, or optional hydraulic bin lift, makes for a highly efficient handling system, particularly where waste is generated over a wide geographical area
  • This machine can be transported and emptied by any standard hook-lift vehicle and it is even compact enough to be transported through London’s Blackwall Tunnel

All come with full 12 month parts and labour warranty

All finished in the colour of your choice